Offerings is a practice in “joyous dilletantism1” by licensed social worker and storyteller Jessica Dore. Moving between philosophies, psychologies, theologies, critical theories, mythologies, and whatever else is enticing at the time, Offerings are made weekly-ish in both text and audio formats.

Offerings are presented in full for paying subscribers and in part for for free subscribers. Paying subscribers also get priority access to registration for live events with limited space, including Sunday Meetings, writing workshops, and occasional one-on-one sessions.

Jessica Dore is a licensed social worker, oral storyteller, friend, daughter, sister, horse rider, springtime gardener, and primary companion to a young dog. After nearly a decade in self-help and psychology publishing, Jessica published a book of interpretations of Pamela Colman Smith’s Rider-Waite-Smith tarot using ideas from behavioral and analytic psychologies called Tarot for Change (2021, Penguin Life). With artist Xaviera López, she co-created The Change Tarot (2024, Hay House).


I am borrowing this phrase from English professor Nicholas de Villier’s article on Roland Barthes’ theory of The Neutral, “A great pedagogy of nuance.”

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Jessica Dore, author of Tarot for Change, explores human experience using Pamela Colman Smith's images from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot.


Social worker and storyteller. Author of Tarot for Change: Using the Cards for Self-Care, Acceptance and Growth & Offerings.